McGalliard Falls Park / Meytre Grist Mill in Valdese, North Carolina

Standing approximately 40 feet high, McGalliard Falls was a favorite hangout for the Waldensian settlers. The settlers would meet at the Falls on Sunday to wade in the creek, socialize, stroll through the woods or simply relax on the rocks watching the swift moving water come over the falls.

Today's park has four lighted tennis courts, a volleyball court, playground swings, picnic facilities and restrooms in addition to the natural attraction of the falls. The picnic shelter may be rented by contacting the Valdese Recreation Department at 879-2132.

Originally constructed by Fred Meytre in 1906 the Meytre Grist Mill is not only a tribute to the past but a working attraction for the present.

Historic Meytre Grist Mill in ValdeseIn 1916, a flood took the original water wheel away and spurred a change to turbine power. Meytre operated the mill until 1941, grinding corn for corn meal, wheat for flour and hammer meal for livestock feed.

The Mill was rebuilt when McGalliard Falls Park was created in 1982. FDA regulations limit the mill's output to products not for human consumption.

Each June, in the creek above the falls, the Town of Valdese stocks the creek and hosts a fishing tournament - a delight for children of all ages.