From This Day Forward Outdoor Drama in Valdese

"From This Day Forward," has been performed annually since 1967 at the Fred B. Cranford Outdoor Amphitheatre on Church Street in Valdese during mid-July to mid-August.

"From This Day Forward" portrays the sacrifices, principles and struggles of the Waldenses to defeat poverty, to defend personal convictions and to protect personal freedoms. It is a nationally-recognized outdoor drama that portrays our Waldensian ancestors’ journey to create a better life for themselves and their descendants.

"From This Day Forward" follows the emigrants, who crowded into steamship steerage quarters and traveled to America for a new life in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. They had a dream of living in large stone houses overlooking cultivated fields of wheat, corn, tobacco, and flourishing vineyards. But they soon learned that survival in this 10,000 acres of promised land would not be easy. They felt the cold winter winds blowing through the cracks of their crude cabins and saw not green, fertile fields, but rocks and tree stumps that must be cleared from poor soil by their families.

“From This Day Forward” is a story of sacrifice for principle and a unique struggle to overcome poverty. Between your tear-filled eyes and heart-felt laughter, you will relive with these Waldenses, their glorious heritage.

Show Dates: 2014 Season mid-July through mid-August

Show time: 7:45pm

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