11 a.m.

Waldensian Heritage Museum Tours on April 25, 2023, 11 a.m.

Waldensian Heritage Museum

The museum reflects Waldensian architecture and houses the largest collection of Waldensian artifacts in the United States. You will immerse yourself in a rich history of the struggles of people whose faith was as solid and constant as the ancient alps surrounding their homeland in the European valleys. Learn of their sacrifices, courage and their role in the foundation and formation of today's Reformed Theology. Explore the legacy of the Waldensian people as you retrace their journey through Europe in the Middle Ages to their settlement here in the new world. See where they worshiped, how they lived, made wine, baked bread, and kept their heritage alive. Research their ancestry in our library and archives and discover the price they paid for liberty - theirs and yours.

We love our visitors, so feel free to visit us during our scheduled tour times. We are OPEN for tours Tuesday - Friday (Closed Holidays). Morning Tour - 11:00am / Afternoon Tour - 2:00pm. Masks are suggested. Groups of 15 or less at this time. Please call at least 2 weeks ahead to arrange a tour for 6 or more.