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Trail of Faith Tours on July 11, 2024, 9 a.m.

Trail of Faith

It was a journey of faith as the Waldensians endured their venture from the Alpine Valleys of Italy to America. Relive their experience on a tour of the Waldensian Trail of Faith, which brings their struggles to life, commemorates their sacrifices and celebrates their triumphs. Peer into the cave where the Waldensians worshipped in secret. Gaze upon the mountainside to the ancient ‘seminary’ where they translated the first full Bible into French. See their homes and the community oven where they baked bread. These are but a few of the monuments and buildings that portray this incredible story. Known as “people of the book,” the Waldensians were embedded in the scriptures – they lived by it and died for it. They were tortured, exiled, and martyred, and still the faith that drove them from the Alpine Valleys of Italy to the foothills of North Carolina survived. The Trail of Faith is their story. Each exhibit bares witness to the journey that led them from the time of the apostles, one continent to another, in search of religious freedom and a future for their families.

Give us a day, we’ll give you a millennium!

Guided Tours

Certainly the best way to enjoy and fully immerse yourself into this story is with a tour guide. We encourage you to invite others to come along as you experience the journey. Assemble 10 or more in a group and we will provide a tour guide to lead you through the Trail. This is a wonderful outing for groups of all types. Senior, youth, school, church, civic, and family groups all find this to be a most incredible story and are amazed that a small community of men and women worked together to build such a fitting museum to preserve this rich heritage. Guided tours are available (March thru December) by appointment (828-874-1893) during the light of day Tues. - Sat. 9 am. to 5 pm. (last tour begins at 3:30 pm) Self-Guided tours are also available during these days and times and no reservations are needed. Adults $10; Seniors (55 and up) $8; teachers FREE (with their class) & students $6 Home School Teachers $2.00 discount

Self Guided Tours

Self-guided tours are available (March thru December) for those who are not part of a guided tour group. These tours are available Tuesday - Saturday from 9 am until 5 pm, (last tour begins at 3:30 pm). Self-guided audio tours require no appointment but you may want to call ahead of time to make sure no large tour groups are scheduled that day. Adults $10; Seniors (55 and up) $8; Public School Teachers FREE (with their class) & students $6 Home School Teachers $2.00 discount

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