All Day

Bocce Tournament on Aug. 10, 2024, 8 a.m.

Le Phare des Alpes (LPDA)

Saturday, August 10 beginning at 8am

Le Phare des Alpes (LPDA) 301 Laurel Street South Valdese NC 28690

Guidelines & Things to Know…

  • Open to any 4-Player Team in Western NC*
  • Entry by (date TBA) at 5pm
  • $40 Entry fee covers Regional Tournament 
  • Checks Payable to: LPDA
  • Printable entry forms & tournament information are available  

*Teams from other State Bocce regions are not eligible, e.g., Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh.

Call 828-448-1736 or 828-448-0456 for more information

Bocce (also spelled boccie/bocci) is a game like bowling where contestants attempt to roll large, heavy balls down a dirt or gravel court to get as close as possible to an initially thrown small target ball. Played by the ancient Egyptians and Romans, it is quite possibly mankind's oldest pastime. The sport was brought to Valdese by Waldensian settlers in 1893, and bocce is woven into the fabric of this community as much as the wonderful smell of bread from the town bakery and the strong religious faith of this group.

Le Phar des Alpes (lighthouse of the Alpes) was begun by community leaders in 1909 to provide health coverage for citizens. A clubhouse was constructed, and over the years, the purpose of the organization has changed to now preserve Waldensian culture and values. Central to this organization's headquarters on Laurel Street is the bocce complex, consisting of three lighted and covered state-of-the-art bocce courts, unique in all of the state. In the opinion of many bocce enthusiasts, this center represents the finest bocce complex in North Carolina.

Over the past several years, the "Phar" has been proud to host both the Western Regional Bocce Tournament and the North Carolina State Bocce Tournament. In August, 16 teams from Valdese, Hudson, Morganton, and Mooresville competed in the regional tournament held in conjunction with the Waldensian Festival of the Glorious Return. The club then hosted 9 teams from Valdese, Asheville, Winston-Salem, and Raleigh for the North Carolina State Bocce Tournament in September. The LPDA anticipates a similar series of tournaments this year. They feel certain that Winston-Salem will return to defend its state title against tough competition, including Valdese, whom they beat 12-11 in the final. In that title game, the winning team rolled a single ball in the final frame 1 millimeter closer than their competition to win! Truly bocce is a game of inches (or less)!

LPDA sponsors a bocce club, the "Pallino Palls," an active group of more than 20 men and women who meet at the clubhouse twice weekly to play. They are charged with the maintenance and supervision of the courts. The club is very excited to have made plans to resurface/replenish the sand/clay mix on all three courts as a project that began in January. They also are excited to have had a third tournament in May during the "Founders Day" celebration in town.

The Le Phare Des Alpes and the bocce club welcome industry and community support. Sign up to play in a tournament, join the club for weekly play, and attend our Regional and State Tourney and support the unique Italian food and drink offerings at these events. Bocce is a source of pride here in Valdese. We like to say with only slight tongue in cheek: We are the bocce capital of the World!