Why visit Valdese?

Nestled between Mineral Springs Mountain and Lake Rhodhiss, Valdese is a picturesque small town in the foothills of Western North Carolina. Known for celebrations, Valdese also features beautiful parks, quaint walkable downtown, and a truly unique heritage showcased in a variety of attractions.


Valdese is the perfect stop along the way to Asheville, Boone, or Charlotte. Located within an hour of these locations, many visitors enjoy a break in their travel by stopping in Valdese for a bite to eat, downtown stroll or dog walk at Lakeside Park. Take I-40 exits 111 or 112 to visit Valdese.


Visitors who enjoy the arts may attend performing art productions ranging from the historic outdoor drama "From This Day Forward" to musicals created by Valdese community theatre, Old Colony Players. Local art exhibits at the Rock School Art Galleries change monthly in the two art galleries. Regional artists showcase their talents through several different medias. Art enthusiasts are also encouraged to visit the public art installations throughout downtown. The public art installations have a common theme. Many share the heroic story of the Waldensian settlers through mural depictions and sculpture.


Valdese is well known as a small town with big celebrations! And what's a celebration without music!? Throughout the summer months free concerts fill the streets with music and visitors alike. Visitors can plan their visit to Valdese around the annual event calendar found here. Concerts aren't the only events to enjoy. Craft shows, festivals, footraces, bocce, hikes, and scavenger hunts are just a few other events that the Town of Valdese hosts each year.


Discover the courageous journey of the Waldenses from the Cottian Alps of Northern Italy to the Town of Valdese by visiting the Waldensian Heritage Museum and Trail of Faith. The Waldensian Heritage Museum takes visitors through 800 years of Waldensian history by sharing a timeline exhibit, historic archives and a large collection of artifacts. Visitors can walk through history at the Trail of Faith. An eleven acre open air walking tour featuring sixteen exhibits that share the inspiring story of the Waldenses. Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Piedmont & Western Railroad Museum located at the Old Rock School.

Trail of Faith

Trail of Faith

11 acre outdoor Museum that tells the history of the Waldensians. The tour includes 15 buildings, monuments that show each phase of their journey.

Valdese Lakeside Park

300 acre passive park owned by The Town of Valdese and maintained by Friends of the Valdese Rec - the group fundraising…
Waldensian Museum

Waldensian Heritage Museum

Immerse yourself in a rich history of the struggles of the Waldensian people
WaldensianChurch FLOWERS & SIGN.jpg

Waldensian Presbyterian Church

The history of the Waldensian Presbyterian Church is so intertwined with the history of the town of Valdese that it is impossible to study one without embracing the other. In education and industry, as well as in the religious life of the community, the Church has been and continues to be the center of Waldensian life in Valdese.